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The year 2020 was laced with a whole lot of doom, clouded with the numerous gloom brought upon us as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic that halted so many activities globally, bringing the world to a standstill.

However, one of the silver linings of the year 2020 was the ability for the world to improvise in the face of adversity that resorted to the adoption of some innovations that made life easy at the time. 

It is difficult to overlook how technology has continuously evolved; it has transformed each sector which is why one must discuss these achievements and how they helped out in 2020. 

While the world was trying to develop a vaccine for Covid-19, technology was evolving to make life easier with the pandemic.

Here are some of the best tech solutions in 2020

  • Drones: While drones have existed before 2020, you can’t overlook how useful it was in 2020. 

From helping with spraying disinfectants in streets in China to thermal imaging that helps identify infected people.

Zipline, a drone company that usually helped with the distribution of medicines to rural areas in Ghana and Rwanda, helped use it’s drone deliveries to support the fight against corona.

Also with climate change, there were wildfires. This is why Igniss, a drone company, used its drones to help. These drones set purposeful small fires in the path of larger fires to steal its fuel.

Drones also proved useful in the #ENDSARS protests. 

After the Government and military denial of a lot of things and a lot of claims and speculation were made. The CCTV footage provided by CNN which was acquired through a drone helped clear things up. 

  • Virtual Meetings: You can’t talk about 2020 without mentioning virtual meetings. 

A lot of people were forced to stay at home to stop the spread of covid-19 but just because there’s a pandemic doesn’t mean life just stops.

This is why a lot of people made use of video conferencing software so that they could stay in touch, work could go on.

Some of these video conferencing software include; Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Teams, etc.

This software saw a rise in demand due to the pandemic. In March, video conferencing apps recorded 62 million downloads.

One major reason for this large usage of video conferencing apps is because a lot of businesses had to switch to remote working, another being the need for family and friends to keep in touch. 

  • Autonomous Machines: Robots do not get ill and they can be easily disinfected which is why they are one of the best solutions in 2020.

These machines are helping with sanitizing hospitals, making deliveries, examining patients, etc. 

A very good example is The Droid Team, a squad of robots that check patients’ temperature when they walk into the facility.

Also, a hospital (Sassarese) in Sardania, Italy brought in bots after six doctors in the hospital got infected with the virus. 

Each of these bots carries “an array of powerful short-wavelength ultraviolet lights. After a few minutes of exposure, this bot destroys the genetic material of pathogens and viruses.

  • Facial Recognition: Social distancing is advised due to how easily the covid-19 spreads from one person to another. 

Facial recognition has helped in the scanning of CCTV footage to identify as many persons anyone infected with the virus came in contact with.

This helps with contacting and testing people that have come in contact with infected persons.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI is a vital part of the health care sector. AI risk assessment tools are being designed to give clarity about various issues occurring along with the pandemic.

There’s an AI technology that can detect the change in body temperature of 200 people per minute. It was designed by a Chinese multinational technology company, Baidu.

AI can also help with accurate predictions about diseases and treatments. It is also useful in discovering new ways to address medical concerns, pandemics, and outbreaks.

Summarily, while currently, the whole world is still in a pandemic one cannot ignore how technology has helped reduce the number of people infected by covid-19. 

More companies are going digital and the use of technology such as AI, Autonomous Machines, etc will increase.

There’s also going to be an increase in the amount of data handled by businesses, growth in LP-WAN based services. Let’s not forget 5G.

While the future may be uncertain, technology will keep on evolving to suit every change that occurs. There’s hope that the pandemic might end this year, but we will certainly continue to experience digital adaptation. 

by Akpevba Precious


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