How To Get More Engagement On Instagram-TECH Central Nigeria

How can you want engagement when you are not engaging with your community? You want people to engage with your post but you are not engaging with people’s posts.

Unless you are a celebrity, that is not going to happen. While you are busy asking for likes, comments and shares, are you doing the same for people? What are you doing for your current community? (cricket sounds)

The basic rule of Instagram is that engagement feeds engagement.

  • Engage with your current followers.
  • Read their captions, Show interest in what they do.
  • Do more than like.
  • Leave a comment. Share their posts to your stories.
    P. S: Don’t actually like you care. Genuinely care.
  • Follow pages in your niche and engage with them.

Answer questions that people ask.
People will appreciate the help and may check you out or even follow you

Make it a goal to interact genuinely with at least 5 profiles per day.

It could be through posts, Instagram stories, DMs, anything.

If you want people to show up for you on Social media, you HAVE to show up for them first.

Are you doing this already? Don’t stop.

It’s not working for you? You are probably doing it wrongly. Re-examine those you are engaging with.

So tell me, are you going to turn a new leaf and start engaging?


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