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WordPress the world’s foremost Content Management System announced a release of its version 5.5, which is a major update to the previously existing version, the great news is that WordPress 5.5 is here to make content management a lot easier, it has over 450 improvement and bug fixes from the previous version which make the update quite interesting.

This new update has some pros and cons for developers and end-users as well, below are some of the major pros and cons of the new Update:

Advantages of WordPress 5.5

Lazy Loading

This feature comes built-in with the new update, i.e you need not bother about how to use this because it is fully automated, and its function is to ensure that your websites can load faster.

With Lazy Loading, website visitors can now choose when to download a video or an image that accompanies the post, until a user requests for that, such features won’t display, thereby making the user access other contents on the site much faster. Everyone who is a web user value fast loading webpage than slow-loading pages, and it is known that fast-loading pages bring in more sales and ad revenues since visitors don’t have to struggle to access the content that they require.

Automatic update for Theme and Plugin

This new update enables users’ WordPress sites to automatically update themes and plugins that are installed on the website once there is an Update.

This will make it difficult for hackers to hijack information on a website; most times when a site has been hacked it is because of the outdated themes and plugins on the site.

So if you own a site that doesn’t usually change plugins and themes always, or make use of too many plugins, then this is good news for you.

Since WordPress Themes and plugins are usually turned off by default settings, the publisher needs to enable auto-update to be able to utilize this new feature.

Sitemaps on WordPress 5.5

Sitemaps are usually a map of a website which is a guide that helps the search engine to discover all contents available on a webpage for the ping and ranking, especially newly added pages.

The new update comes with built-in site maps, which means that the end-users no longer need third third-party to be able to generate a site map, as it is now done automatically.

Disadvantages Of WordPress 5.5

No support for Older Browsers

The new update means that support for outdated browsers such as Internet Explorer 6 through 9 will no longer be able to access WordPress; therefore websites now would require less coding and meaning better performing websites.

Outdated CSS Styles Removed

WordPress has removed CSS styling codes that were specific to Internet Explorer 6-8, which eventually most internet user no longer consider those versions of internet Explorers are web browsers because of the difficulties associated with using it, such as poor loading and inconsistencies in its result. Lesser styling means faster loading.

No More Masonry Layout Support for Old Browsers

Since it dropped support for old browsers it has also dropped support for the Masonry-library layout.

Therefore, if you are still willing to continue using old browsers, then you need to effect some needed code corrections to enable.

WordPress 5.5 Installs a way to Check Plugins

This is a new feature that makes it possible for WordPress to carry out routine checks to ascertain if a plugin that is due for the update is rough and thereby halting the update of such a plugin.

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According to WordPress the overall advantage of this new user interface is that “it would benefit from having a way to remotely disable the auto-update for a plugin/theme”

WordPress 5.5 is a major update that is accompanied by great features which will enable websites to perform best at their peak, and ensure help publishers to better achieve their business goals, it is, therefore, important that website owners consider enabling the auto-update feature, depending on their preferences.


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