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For some people, “I’m hungry” also signifies “I’m not in an excellent mood, so keep off!”.
Your feeding habit and your work life have a kind of relationship that beats time repeatedly. Long sentences short, I’m just saying you can define your mood and how you respond to work by choosing what you eat. And I’m curious to know how you do your work in a sour mood.

Food is one component that helps you surf through life daily with reduced anxiety. Some simple tasks might seem difficult just because you skipped your breakfast.

Larry Alton an independent business consultant referencing various psychological studies stated that breakfast is key to high performance in morning hours. He also referenced a study conducted by Roy F. Baumeister on children to test the relevance of breakfast to productivity and they found out that children who ate breakfast before school were more likely to learn better than those who did not.

Why do you eat or like food? Is it just for battling hunger pangs?

Some people eat for the wrong reasons like using it to cope with certain situations (very wrong). A colleague once told me she eats more when she reads so she can read well. True! Food gives energy but this is also a smooth way to binge eating which in my opinion, is a food crime. Stop using food to cope with Stress!
You’re bored? Go out. Don’t substitute food for some function it’s not meant to perform.

Food is a stimulant, but stop using it to repress or stimulate for the wrong reasons. Gorging on food can also lead to blood pressure, diabetes, etc. So remember to gorge healthy.

Benefits of healthy feeding habit

How does eating healthy affects our productivity? Here are a number of ways.

  • Eating improves your energy level, it makes you more active and cheerful through the whole workday.
  • It helps you control your physical appearance when you eat healthy so you don’t look like you’re working but gaining nothing.
  • It improves your sense of self and helps in reducing depressive thoughts.
  • Moderate eating ensures good health and good quality of life.
  • You have a positive feeling about food.
  • Based on research, it has been found that eating healthy makes for a very sound mind.
  • This makes one more happy and creative.

How to improve your feeding habit

Here are some way to improve your feeding habit as adapted by WebMD

Stop missing the normal eating time breakfast.
Don’t eat at night, you might be tempted while compiling that project, but please don’t.
Have a list of healthy foods you should eat. Plan your feeding schedule well.
Stop double tasking while eating.
Don’t forget to take water
Don’t binge eat to avoid obesity and stop under eating so anorexia nervosa won’t come.
Having an eating partner can contribute to a positive feeling towards food.
Avoid or reduce caffeine the use of Caffeine to stay awake to meet up with deadlines, it’s more dangerous than helpful.

According to Elaine Maggie of WebMD, changing your diet can change your brain structure. The brain requires lots of energy to function and it derives this from the food we consume. Hence, changing your diet pattern changes the kind of chemical the brain ingests and uses, it also changes some chemical activities in the brain which in turn alters behaviour.

Food that helps the mood and work-life

Carbohydrates: this contains serotonin-producing components and serotonin regulates our mood. Examples are fruits, vegetables, fiber, legumes, etc. Also, eating carbohydrates as breakfast makes you alert in the morning and keeps you going through the day, and it’s also a nice combo in between breakfast and lunch. Be productive and energy makes you more so with lots of ideas streaming in.
Omega 3: these fatty acids have been postulated by research as a protection against depression, according to Maggie Elaine of WebMD. So always eat fish. Research has shown that Fish has brain-boosting capacities, it helps your memory function well. You need an excellent memory to function well.
Food is rich in Selenium: food like nuts, whole grain, beans, etc. Improves depression in Older people.
Vitamin D: Food like Mushroom, tuna, mackerel, e.t.c have been proven by researchers to be depression improving food.

Always eat right to feel and work right! Feeding well makes you strong and healthy both. If you do not have a strong emotional and physical health, you cannot function and relate with people well enough to boost productivity not only for yourself but also among your team.


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