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Imagine going to work one day and then there’s an announcement on the notice board imploring workers to please bring their pets to work every day. Strange right?

This will seem very strange to a lot of people, especially in a place where only a few people adore pets in your workplace. But this is the new trend in companies like Inverse-square.

Having your pet around you while you work is very stress relieving judging from my personal experience. As a freelancer who’s always cooped up in a room working, working while watching my overly playful cat jumping around my apartment while pursuing its tail is a reason to stop, watch and smile. You might say this is distracting but it’s very helpful. You’ll find out why as you continue reading.

Research has even shown that pet owners are better adjusted and happier. Various studies have also found that having a pet around improves a person’s health and as well as physical and psychological performance. Employees in companies where pets are welcome to have reported a high rate of decrease in stress and good work-life balance.

Here are the Benefits of having your pet at work

Presence of a companion:
While working alone in your space you tend to get lonely, especially if you rarely have people over. Your pet can be very helpful because it is a presence you feel and it provides the feeling of having a companion around and you feel less lonely. Pets have been known over time to provide emotional support to individuals. As humans, even while working we need emotional support, hence, if you have your healthy pet around while you work, you tend to get this.

Encourages breaks:
Many of us while working often forget to stand up and walk around for the good of our health. Pets help you to want to stand up after working for a long time to feed them, walk them around and even play with them which in turn relieves you of stress.

Improving work relationship:
In research conducted to test the benefit of having pets in the workplace, 78% of respondents said it helps them improve their work relationships.

Some people can make new friends at work who would have not approached them on a normal basis but a lot can happen once someone walks up to ask you of your dog grooming routine. In telephone research in Australia, respondents who owned pets reported that they have formed various forms of friendship over time as a result of bonding over pet matters. The better the communication at work, the more comfortable the workplace becomes, this can lead to more collaboration among employees which in turn increases productivity and good results.

Easing your mood:
As earlier mentioned pets can improve workplace mood. Dogs and cats can be very hilarious pets especially when they try to imitate some activities or play on their own, people consider them funny and this, in turn, makes the workplace less rigid in appearance. In a gathering where the atmosphere is tense, pets can serve as lubricants to ease the tension and break the ice.

Avoiding Problem While Having Your Pet At Work:
For a freelancer, there’s not much to consider but only a few options as it’s just you and your pet but for an office worker here are a few tips to consider before you take your pet to work.

Consider your co-workers:
Not everyone likes pet, especially when it’s a cat or any other animal that’s not a dog, some people are even allergic to dogs. So please be sure your workplace is a pet-friendly environment before you take your pet to work with you to avoid any unfriendly spat with anyone.

Feed your pet well:
Before you take your pet to work with you or even while working at home, remember to feed it to avoid any form of disturbance while you work. Feeding your pet before work or even while working leaves the pet satisfied and lively enough to help you boost your mood while working.

Type of pet:
Indeed, some companies are now including pet policies and people are allowed to go to work with their pets. Co-workers also try to be understanding but please don’t stretch the patience of others by going to work with pets that other people cannot relate with or will easily be scared of. E.g. taking a pet snake to work or a very dangerous looking dog specie. Also, make sure your pet is people-friendly before taking it to work.

Groom your pet well:
To have an easy work environment you have to always have pleasant things to look at. Imagine being riled up and suddenly a smelly rough-looking dog walks up to you and starts barking, it can be annoying. So remember to take care of your pet and vaccinate it before allowing it in your work environment.

Your pet is a sensible work partner and you only have to be compelled to explore this. If you work alone, you fancy the privileges more as it discomforts nobody in the process. However high productivity is crucial thus if your pet helps you reach it, explore to the fullest.


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