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Digital storytelling is the act of writing/telling a story using digital tools. It is a new trend of storytelling that many do not know they engage in when they tell stories using different digital media such as social media, blogs, etc.

These stories are usually very interactive and emotional as most times, they reflect realities in a fictional or non-fictional way.

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According to Roland (2006), ‘the term “digital storytelling” can also cover a range of digital narratives (web-based stories, interactive stories, hypertexts, and narrative computer games); It is sometimes used to refer to film-making in general, and as of late, it has been used to describe advertising and promotion efforts by commercial and non-profit enterprises.’

The rapid growth in technologies coupled with its incorporation in the different aspects of life especially education and its usage in different fields birth the act of digital storytelling.

There a lot of hardware and software such as digital cameras, digital voice recorders, iMovie, etc used for easy creation and dissemination of a story. Individuals now share their stories using social media channels and other electronic distribution systems.

Digital storytelling merges the skills of telling a narrative, fiction, or nonfiction in a multimedia format such as videos, audios, digital images, podcasts, etc.

Digital storytelling can be used:


It can be employed to make learning more interactive and student-friendly by proper use of captivating images, audios or audiovisuals. It also aids online study.


A section is created where people come and tell their story, which can be a history passed down. This will help archive historical events that weren’t written.


It can be used to create awareness of a business, to draw new customers to the business, and adequately show/give value to customers and prospective ones.


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