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Email marketing is more than just mailing out advertisements and promotional offers to an audience. To get positive results from your list of email marketing, you have to go beyond just sending emails to your list.

According to McKinney, ”Email marketing is 40x more effective than social media marketing when it comes to gaining new customers and the number of email users worldwide is forecast to rise to 2.9 billion by 2019.”

Studies have shown that email marketing helps generate even more sales than any social media network, which is why you should learn and practice the guidelines.

As of August 2020, there are over 3.9 billion email users worldwide. This forecast means that over 50% of the world’s population has an email address. Before the end of 2020, we expect the total number of email users globally to climb to 4 billion.

Steps To Increase Sales Through Email Marketing

  1. Know Your Target Audience
    According to Neil Patel, the founder of Neil Patel Digital, a target audience is a share of consumers that companies or businesses direct their marketing actions to drive awareness of their products or services.

According to Lyfe Marketing, defining your target audience is the first and most essential step towards increasing your sales through email marketing because it will determine whether they should trust you or not.

Every email message sent out to subscribers needs to be relevant to their interests, which can only happen when you define your target audience.

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When sending your mail, you have to consider that your subscribers are different in one way or the other, which is why it would be a mistake to send them the same email message.

This is when email segmenting comes into action, email list segmenting is when you divide your email list into smaller and targeted sub-groups. Segmenting your email list will let you target your consumers based on their personal preferences.

According to Just Creative, marketers enjoy more control over the process, thanks to developers creating some awesome tools (MailChimp, Drip, AWeber etc). Capitalizing on these tools, you have the opportunity to personalize emails by dissecting your recipients’ list to the finest distinctions.

Also, segmenting your email list based on age, gender, geographical location, and personas (personas are profiles of buyers that would be your ideal customers) help you send relevant emails. Which in turn improves your chances of getting a higher number of sales in the long run. It doesn’t have to be complicated as long as you can connect with your subscribers at their interest level and valuable content.

  1. Create Engaging Content
    There are some techniques to be used when writing content for your email marketing.

Ensure to always create your content around a story, to enhance easy comprehension.

Studies show that human beings tend to remember stories than mere lectures because our brains love to visualize things. So, make your customers feel that they are engaging with a human being even though you are using an automated messaging system.

Always keep your content short and simple, keeping your emails simple helps you get a better response from your campaign.

According to Lyfe Marketing, the idea is to make your subscribers aware of the offer you have for them. Avoid unnecessary messages and write as much as required to convey your message.

If you want to share more information right in the email, use bullet points to break your messages.

Studies show that having multiple CTAs only distract the reader and doing this might lead to the readers being confused about what they should do next and eventually leaving your email without any activity. Have only one call to action (CTA) per email message rather than having multiple ones.

  1. Be Consistent With Your Mails
    Being consistent will enable you to build trust with your target audience.

The more you provide valuable content to your audience, they will be willing to make transactions in exchange for your value.

While still trying to be consistent, make sure you don’t spam their mail. You can send your mail daily, weekly or monthly depending on your schedule and your availability to make more sales.

To be consistent you have to choose your email platform rightly so as not to get stranded when some challenges occur.

  1. Have a Landing Page
    According to Unbounce, a landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign.

Unlike web pages, which have many goals and encourage exploration, landing pages are designed with a single focus or goal, known as a call to action (or CTA, for short) and they are no room for exploring.

It makes sense to create a dedicated landing page and direct your email traffic to it.

Ensure to let the message that you convey with your email also match the one on the landing page, in order not to confuse your audience.

In conclusion, email is one of the most successful marketing media in this century. With the help of MailChimp, Constant Contact, Infusionsoft or Hubspot, you can increase your sales by 50% when properly used. The offer on the landing page should be relevant and valuable to your audience. Don’t dilute it with other offers. Always include a call to action in your emails.


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