Tips for Strengthening Professional Communication Skills-TECH Central Nigeria

Communication is a state of exchanging information between entities. Instances of communication transfer include conversations, discourse, etc.

Specifically, Professional communication deals with written, oral, visual, and digital communication within the workplace. It also occurs within and among organizations.

They are in different ways as seen in the definition. You might be a job seeker looking to wow your hiring manager on your interview day or a business mogul trying to get a contract. No doubt, you are the best fit, you have all that is needed but how do you convey such information, or rather how do they get convinced.

We now live in a highly sensitised digital world where your employer communicates verbally with you is probably on your interview day. What attracts him/her to you will depend on how you portray yourself.

How will you answer and ask those questions? How do you communicate the right body language? How good is your use of the language?

There are a whole lot of things inherent in communication which is why there are really slim chances for a poor communicator. To maintain any form of relationship, you need to be able to communicate effectively, not only in the professional aspect. You might be feeling like you actually communicate which is very true but is it effective?

Professional communication skills however go beyond talking or writing. You should take note of important cues to apply.

Active listening

Firstly, active listening, cannot be overemphasized. I hear some people say that we have two ears and one mouth so we can listen twice as much as we speak. The role you play in listening makes you respond appropriately to the speaker. You tend to make constant feedback and ask intelligent questions when you actively listen. This takes a lot of concentration and determination as distractions might get in the way.

Understanding Body Language

Another important part of communication is hearing what is not being said. Understanding body language is one big task you should always carry out while communicating. Giving the right ones is equally important as people might tend to misunderstand you. The right eye contacts, tone of voice, appropriate hand movements and posture goes a long way in making an impression of you so why don’t you make a good one.

Be Empathetic

Talk to others as you would like to be talked to or in a matter they would also like to. Empathy is a way of relating to their feelings so use your brain and put yourself in their shoes. It doesn’t have to be about your opinions all the time. Be empathetic!

Go straight to the Point

Say only what is needed, the essential things will help to convey your message clearly and directly. Be concise as you wouldn’t want your listener to be unsure of what you’re actually saying. The use of verbose words should also not be entertained, as much as you have good use of words, you should consider who you’re conversing with so, put your words in their simplest form. It is better when pre-meditated.

Know the Right Medium

Knowing the right medium to use will help in engaging those you’re communicating with. The digital world has become highly engaged which has created several other communication means asides from the usual speaking and writing. Workers in the digital age should know how to use email, phone calls, social media, and even physical spaces.

Other cues like giving feedbacks accurately, asking the right questions as to when due, respect for other opinions friendliness, confidence amongst others should be noted as it will help in productive relationships both personally and professionally. As much as you get the knowledge and hard skills needed for your career, you should get the appropriate communication skills because it goes a long way right from getting hired, landing promotions, making solid first impressions, and building viable working relationships with clients, coworkers and even superiors.


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