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There over a thousand of job listing sites for tech professionals.

In our daily activities, we’re surrounded by technologies of various kinds in several forms. Technology is an important and inalienable part of our lives, from our means of communication to transportation and even parts of our leisure activities. Production of goods and services and problem-solving could be done easily and faster through the use of technology.

Technology encompasses several branches which include;

  • Applied Science
  • Information and communication
  • Industry
  • Military Science
  • Domestic
  • Engineering
  • Health and safety
  • Transport
  • Just like every other field, there are specialists in the technological field. These specialists are either identified as IT/Tech professionals Or IT specialists.

The tech professionals are those who have undergone training in technology-field related colleges or institute, they also have extensive knowledge in the area of technology. Tech professionals engage in numerous tasks, they are the ones that build, test, install, maintain and repair hardware or software relating to complex systems.

The tech industry is fast-growing and has attracted industries worldwide. The industry enables its professionals to work while learning new and necessary skills that aid their career growth and that of the organization they work for.

Being a wide field, the technology consists of various jobs that its professionals can venture into. Such jobs include:

Software Developer
IT manager
Web Developer
Database Administrator
Computer network architect
Computer systems analyst
If you intend to take courses on the field of technology and make a career out of it, you would probably have heard about STEM, if you’ve yet to learn about it there’s no cause for alarm.

STEM which is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics was introduced in 2001 by scientific administrators in the United States. To be qualified as a tech professional, you must have studied a STEM course to degree level and beyond.

Every individual should at least take one or more courses relating to STEM as it widens their opportunity in the labour market. STEM is very essential as it pervades almost every aspect of our lives and has some of the highest paying jobs; Computer and Information Research Scientist with an average salary of $114,520, Computer System Analyst with an average salary of $88,270.

Either as a starter in the tech industry or a professional that wants opportunities for career growth, there are several companies ready to recruit bright tech students, all you need is to search for jobs in the right places. Unlike general job search sites, there are specific sites that are majorly concerned about jobs in the tech industry.

Here really some of the job listing platforms for those in the tech industry.

  1. StackOverflow
    This website was launched in 2008 by Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky, the website helps developers to learn various programming knowledge and eventually share them on the platform to catch the attention of recruiters. Overtime, Stack overflow has become one of the most visited tech websites.
  2. AngelList
    This website is mainly for start-ups and job seekers that are willing to work for start-ups in the tech industry. That’s are over 36,000 start-ups that are willing to hire on the Angel list. If you’re willing to join a start-up, Angel list is one of the best ultimate resources.
  3. Hired
    This is one of the top job listing sites for tech profs. Hired is a platform that enables you to create a profile and matches your profile to available opportunities. Companies or recruiters can set up interviews if they are interested in your profile and what you have to offer. Hired also includes talent advocates that assist with the preparation for the interviews.
  4. LinkedIn
    This site undoubtedly remains one of the most effective platforms for getting a job. It could be classified as a general job search site, however with the right profile and proper keywords you can optimize your search. You can read our article on what outstanding Linkedin profiles should never miss out on here. LinkedIn will provide you with job opportunities that match your profile and also make your profile available to recruiters when they search for your industry terms. The majority of hiring managers make use of LinkedIn to find potential candidates.
  5. GitHub
    This site was built mainly for developers in 2008. It was built to accommodate both open-source projects and private repositories for developers. Github is a searchable job board focused on software developer’s jobs, it works with many start-ups and companies that are looking to fill their tech position. With this site, you can find jobs from all around the world.
  6. Uncubed
    This platform strives to connect great companies with great people focusing on the tech industry. Uncubed is a resource to find jobs in digital skillsets like software development, data science, product, UI/UX, marketing, and sales. You can search for available positions in several tech companies.

Ensure that your profile is updated and kept professional. Keep acquiring more skills while making the most of these sites.


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