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Social Media are interactive computer-mediated platforms that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests, and other forms of expression with virtual communities and networks.

The process of communication was at a very slow pace before the emergence of technology. Humans communicated with signals, nature, and drawings evolution took place and for communication to be effective then they use mediums such as town criers.
For easier communication, it resulted in getting clans, communities, and villages to communicate.

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Humans soon began to think and write which was the trait of the most evolved man (homo-sapiens). The modern man started to write letters with ink and feathers but the transmission was too slow depending on the distance, post offices were established which facilitated the transmission of information but some took up to a year depending on the location and distance from the sender to the receiver by sea and air(cargo planes).

This was also not very effective and reliable as messages got swapped and some got missing. Communication, later on, made a breakthrough into the air (literally) as a man started to make use of wireless communication known as social media(The giant of communication).

Social media platforms were created for communication.

According to research, an average internet user spends more than 2 hours per day on social media. Hence the need for adequate training on its usage

The main intent of social media is to allow human share resources. For you to make productive use of the platforms ki you need to look at the intent of the creation.

Here are few ways you can use social media productively

  1. Communication and enlightenment
    Social Media platforms are used to stay in touch with family members and friends. They aid enlightenment because they allow the sharing of resources and opportunities among users.
  2. E-commerce
    It’s easy to advertise a product on these media platforms and get buyers as soon as possible without stressing about looking for a place to sell a product or get a product. E-commerce simply means buying and selling online.
  3. Skills Acquisition
    With the likes of YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and many more platforms. Skill acquisition is made very easy. Skills such as; content creation, hair styling, graphics design and more can be learned online.
  4. Brand promotion
    A large number of users on all these media platforms has made it very easy to promote any brand. This can be done through online marketing and advertisements businesses have been able to reach out to many customers than the pre-approval social media days.
  5. Networking
    It is possible to get job opportunities, scholarship, engaging with people, and meet new friends on social media. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have made it very easy to explore new opportunities and learn, relearn, and unlearn.
  6. Interactive sessions
    Social media gives room for acquiring new knowledge, research, conversation, and sharing of resources.

While it has some pros and cons which are based on its pattern of usage as some people use these platforms for all sorts of dubious and criminal activities. However, social media is a massive breakthrough for man and have resulted in a lot of sustainable development.


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